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On-site at your business.

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Cost-efficient, Corona-compliant and flexible home-office assignment.

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Cost-efficient, Corona-compliant and fixed teamwork almost like being on site.

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In the OnSite assignment, I work with you directly in your company. Regardless of whether it’s an initial appointment, a daily or weekly assignment, whether it’s in Germany, Austria or at another location: I’m on-site with you. For all activities where personal collaboration is essential or you place great value on personal presence.


When working OffSite, I work exclusively from home. This offer is ideal for reducing project costs due to the significantly lower calculation rates and is suitable for all activities for which concentration and rest lead to higher productivity. Communication is of course also included in this offer, but no long remote sessions.


In remote deployment, I work for you as I do in OnSite deployment, but remotely into the project team or meeting due to the SARS Cov-2/Covid-19 challenges. We work together as a team and on documents just as we would in the office. As a side effect, I can offer this service more favorably than an OnSite assignment due to eliminated travel and accommodation expenses.

Some of my previous projects

Example Projects

I have been working mainly on confidential projects for large companies, especially in recent years. The listed projects are sorted in ascending order – the oldest projects at the beginning, the newest projects at the end. Perhaps you will find yourself in the challenges and solutions of one or the other project?

Automation of machining for 24/7 operation

Linear automation mould making for 24/7 operation

Tier1 connection to the OEM & Digital Work Instruction


PLM Implementation for Manufacturing Equipment and Facilities

Among others I have already worked for these companies

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