This is what you will learn

  • You will know and be able to use the tools for requirements development after this course
  • you will further deepen your basic knowledge of agile project management acquired in the first course
  • Value Stream and Value Objects
  • Solution Train, Solution Increments and Solution Objects
  • Release Train, Release Increments and Release Objects
  • Product increment and the distribution of increment content over sprints
  • Requirements objects (Enabler, Portfolio Epic, Capability, Program Epic, Feature, (User) Story, Nonfunctional Requirement)
  • You will understand the interaction of all the tools and objects and, after practice with a practical example that will accompany you from the second to the sixth course of this series of courses, you will also be able to apply it


The next level is waiting for you. The journey has only just begun with the basic knowledge acquired in Course 1. Want to learn about the tools that form the backbone of cross-hierarchy projects? Do you want to know how the management, middle management and department heads develop the requirements that you are allowed to implement in the project team? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. This course is also made by professionals for professionals and aspiring professionals and has long proven its worth in the form of classroom training in large companies.

This course builds on the first course in my 7-part course series, so I recommend that you take the first course before this one, which gave you the basics of the most common agile project and process management methodologies.