So now we have arrived at the last lesson of this course. Time to say goodbye to this course.

In the lessons of this course you have learned the basics of the most common project and process methods, which we can build on in the next courses and lessons. We have only covered the agile methods in a very basic way, because we will gradually expand their components in the course of the next courses.

This course series consists of 7 individual courses, all of which build on each other. If you enjoyed this course and are already curious about the sequels, I look forward to seeing you again in the next course. As mentioned at the beginning, I am creating this online course series in parallel with my project work. Therefore, expect follow-up courses more likely in weeks or a few months if that is not yet available. On I keep the planning up to date. I will actively notify you via your Udemy mailbox when available, and in the process send you a discount voucher for the follow-up course. If you have activated the notification function of Udemy, you will also receive a corresponding email from Udemy.

In the next course

  • you will get to know and use the tools and artifacts for requirements development
  • you will further deepen your basic knowledge of agile project management acquired in the first course
  • you get to know the Value Stream and Value Objects
  • you get to know the Solution Train, Solution Increments and Solution Objects
  • you learn about the release train, release increments and release objects
  • you learn about the product increment and the distribution of the increment content to sprints
  • we will then go a little deeper into the requirement objects
  • and you will learn to understand the interaction of all the tools and objects, and after practice with a practical example that will accompany you from the second to the sixth course of this series of courses.

After completing this course, Udemy will give you the opportunity to rate this course or add to a rating you have already made.

Please also contact me directly now after this course so that we can clear up any ambiguities. Im besten agilen Sinne nehme ich gerne Umsetzungsvorschläge entgegen, wenn sie für viele Teilnehmer von Interesse sein könnten. Ich informiere Sie auch direkt über ein strukturiertes Anforderungs- und Änderungsmanagement, wenn ich einen Vorschlag umsetze und auch, wenn Ihr Vorschlag online verfügbar ist.

After completing this lesson, your certificate for this course will be unlocked if you successfully complete all quizzes and practice tests.

I would be very happy to accompany you in the next course! See you then.

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