Fig.: Course series overview

I would like to use this first course from the course series to teach the basics that we need when solving challenges and organizing software projects. Beyond pure methods and terminology, I would like to additionally create an understanding for the real existing framework conditions in projects.

Fig.: Quiz
Why do the courses include quizzes?

Starting in this section, you will find quizzes following selected lessons that will give you an indication of whether you have understood the content of the previous lessons well. The quizzes are “not” for review by other people, but only for yourself. I suggest you to accept this offer.

Fig.: Quiz answer selection
What do quizzes contain?

The quizzes consist of multiple choice questions and must always be answered completely correctly. You can try as many times as you like – there is no pressure to succeed or time limit! I therefore ask you to answer the questions not according to the try-and-error principle, but on the basis of the material taught. You can follow the correct answers to the questions using the video content or in written form via the course content on my site Wrong answers, on the other hand, you will not find in the learning content.

Fig: Quiz correct answer
Fig: Quiz wrong answer
Where can I find written records of the video trainings?

You can find this course content at in the Courses section. If you follow the online courses, then in the menu on the left you will find the course series and the descriptions for courses 1 to 7. Here you can select the relevant course, scroll down the description and start the course. Don’t worry, using the written course description does not entail any costs or obligations. Here you can now go through lesson by lesson or jump directly to the desired lesson in the menu on the left. The top menu item “back” will take you back to the course description, the selection in the main menu at the top will take you to the desired area, or a click on BIZAGILITY.DE will take you back to the home page. I hope that this additional support will help you in answering your quizzes correctly and especially in the practice tests.

How many correct answers are possible in the quiz?

When answering the quiz questions, only one correct answer is possible at a time. You will not find a task where all answers are wrong, because this will not achieve the learning goal of memorizing correct statements. Wrong answers do not correspond to the stupidity principle, which you may know from lotteries, but pick up the topic dealt with with targeted wrong statements, which must be avoided in the project practice.

How can I know if a quiz has been answered correctly or incorrectly?

For each correct answer you will get a short confirmation why the answer is correct. For each wrong answer you will get a short explanation why the answer is wrong. This approach should on the one hand help you to master a possibly necessary further attempt without errors and on the other hand save you the effort of having to search for the correct answer in the lesson for the test. Time is Money and I don’t want to risk any frustration with you either. The learning content should not only impart knowledge, but also be fun and motivating.

Is there a certificate for the course?

Following each course in this series, after successfully completing all tests, you will receive a certificate that you can present to your Scrum Master or Agile Coach if this course is used in your project as basic training and a prerequisite for team membership. However, the certificate is not legally binding. You have not achieved a generally binding qualification such as vocational training or a degree.

Starting with the following lesson with an overview of the most common project and process management methods, you will always find a short preview of the topics that await you within the lesson at the beginning of the lesson and a short summary of the topics covered at the end of the lesson. So you can also use the video lessons isolated in your project work together with your teammates. You can pick and choose the topics that are of interest to you and your colleagues. So much for this lesson. See you again in the next lesson.

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